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APFOAdequate Public Facilities Ordinance
APFOAerial Photography Field Office
APFOAmmonium Perfluorooctanoate
APFOAssociation of Principal Fire Officers
APFOAssociation of Programs for Female Offenders
APFOAsia & Pacific Field Office
APFOAfrica Peace Forum
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Kelydra's first objective was to design a simple test that anyone can perform to detect the presence of APFO in water.
The three-year, IDRC-funded APFO project, "Toward a Regional Security Architecture in the Horn of Africa," has central and peripheral goals.
This three-year project was conceived prior to the signing of the CPA as a contribution to longer-term "Track II" diplomacy efforts by APFO and Project Ploughshares.
While APFO was particularly engaged with the Sudanese, Ploughshares and the Canadian government supported us, a very, small NGO that was trying to get all the parties in Sudan to continue with the peace process.
Launched in 2005, this project continues work in Sudan by Ploughshares and APFO that began in 1999 and is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).
At APFO, she is helping to implement an International Development Research Centre project, Towards Developing a Regional Security Architecture in the Horn of Africa--Developing Regional Responses to Human Insecurity.
APFO Africa Peace Forum ATT Arms Trade Treaty CCC Canadian Council of Churches CD Conference on Disarmament FMCT Fissile Material Control Treaty HEU High enriched uranium IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IANSA International Action Network on Small Arms LEU Low enriched uranium NGO Non-governmental organization NPT Non-Proliferation Treaty NWS Nuclear weapon state(s) PoA Programme of Action (on small arms) PrepCom Preparatory Committee SALW Small arms and light weapons UNGA United Nations General Assembly WCC World Council of Churches WINAD Women's Institute for Alternative Development
APFO engages civil society and the political community in ongoing and joint exploration of new approaches to security arrangements in the region.
Hepatic toxicity, hypolipidemia, and abnormal hormone levels have not been associated with serum PFOA concentrations in APFO production workers whose serum levels have averaged 5 ppm with a range of and 0.
Joining Aisha at APFO is Richard Damianopoulos from Aurora, Ontario.
Through regular contact and meetings, the relationship between APFO and the Secretariat was strengthened and continues to be a channel for the exchange of information, expertise, and assistance in implementing the Nairobi Declaration.