APFSDS-TArmor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Tracer
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CTA 40 mm ammunition available to date (the programme originally involved a 45 mm calibre and has since expanded to test several other calibres) includes an APFSDS-T more than capable of neutralising any current IFV, and what is described as a General Purpose (GP) round.
Rheinmetall, in collaboration with Diehl Munition, decided to utilise the existing 35 x 228 mm ammunition family as a basis, developing an APFSDS-T specifically for the RH 503.
The array of available ammunition natures is thus extensive and has been further expanded by the introduction of a 40 mm APFSDS-T round originally developed for the 40/70 B main gun installed on the CV 9040 IFV already in service with the Swedish Army.