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APGARAmerican Pediatric Gross Assessment Record
APGARAppearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration (health assessment)
APGARAdaptation, Partnership, Growth, Affection and Resolve (psychiatry)
APGARActivity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, Respiration (medicine; newborn scoring system created in 1952 by American anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar)
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Researchers compared the school exam results of 877,000 Swedish teens with the Apgar scores of their infancy.
Ortalama birinci ve besinci dakika Apgar skorlari acisindan gruplar arasinda anlamli fark yoktu.
dakika APGAR skoru, dogum salonunda resusitasyon uygulanma oykusu, antenatal steroid kullanimi acisindan istatistiksel olarak anlamli farklilik bulunmadi.
There were no differences in cesarean births, operative vaginal births, Apgar score, a prolonged second stage (%3 hr).
Apgar scores and resuscitation measures were available for the entire 2001-2005 period (191,686 deliveries), but NICU admissions were consistently recorded only for 2002-2005 (154,924 deliveries).
Throughout Risk Intelligence, Apgar presents his arguments in a readable fashion toward the general business risk management audience, although others will certainly benefit from the ideas presented.
Using the definition combining need for BMV, Apgar score <7 at 5 minutes and base deficit >12 mmol/L (representing a truer reflection of intrapartum asphyxia) the incidence was 8.
Yenidogan hastalik oranlari; gebelik haftasi ve APGAR skorlari arasindaki iliski; APGAR skorlari ile YYBB gereksinimi, PBV, SSS, sepsis ve VIK arasindaki iliski; toplam yenidogan olum orani; gebelik yasina ozgu yenidogan olum oranlari; sure ile YYBB gereksinimi, SSS, sepsis ve yenidogan olum oranlari arasindaki iliski; dogum sekli ile YYBB gereksinimi, perinatal asfiksi, VIK ve sepsis oranlari arasindaki iliski arastirildi.
dakika Apgar skoru <7 ve solunum, kardiyak yetmezlik, anuri gibi coklu organ yetmezligi olanlar), sepsis ve Rh disi hemolitik hastaligi olan yenidoganlar calisma disinda birakildi.
Hypnotically prepared births had shorter Stage 1 labors, less medication, higher Apgar scores, and more frequent spontaneous deliveries than control Ss' births.
During the study, the researchers compared birth outcomes including gestational age, birth weight and Apgar (a measure of overall health of the baby) among babies born to 329 women who were treated with SSRIs,
The mean Apgar score for newborns at 1 minute was 8.