APGIAlcoa Power Generating Inc. (North Carolina)
APGIAssociation of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (est. 1986; Ireland)
APGIAdolescent Problem Gambling Instrument (now Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory)
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A conservative assessment of the annual revenue currently collected by APGI (Alcoa) shows that 58% - about $18 million - is spent outside North Carolina.
APGI has operated the Yadkin Project under a federal license since 1958; that license is now up for renewal.
The Nature Conservancy is very pleased to be signatory to the Relicensing Settlement Agreement with APGI.
APGI is currently pursuing a new federal license and has been working closely with stakeholders in North Carolina and South Carolina regarding the future management of the Yadkin Project for more than five years.
APGI originally submitted its application for a water quality certificate on May 10, 2007 and the N.
We do not encourage whitewater activities during high flow release periods," said Walt Brockway, Operations Manager of Hydroelectric Systems for APGI.
We fully expected to receive an annual license, with the expectation that a new license will be issued by FERC in the next several months," said Gene Ellis, APGI licensing and property manager.
On August 30, 2005 and as part of the agreement reached, APGI will grant to The Nature Conservancy, at no cost, permanent conservation easements covering approximately 5,900 acres and term conservation easements on an additional 3,975 acres of land.
This is one of the last major milestones in the relicensing process and moves us closer to the issuance of a new license," said Gene Ellis, APGI licensing and property manager.
The NC Division of Water Quality originally issued a water quality certificate to APGI on November 17, 2007, after six months of review and public comment.
As for the $200-plus million that APGI plans to spend to refurbish the dams and to perform routine major maintenance, the question is why APGI did not spend the money earlier.
Earlier this spring, more than 20 national and local environmental and regulatory groups came together with APGI in a signing ceremony, officially agreeing to the land swap.