APGIAlcoa Power Generating Inc. (North Carolina)
APGIAssociation of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (est. 1986; Ireland)
APGIAdolescent Problem Gambling Instrument (now Canadian Adolescent Gambling Inventory)
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En la tercera seccion expondre el APGI en detalle, atendiendo a la formulacion mas completa que ha sido desarrollada por Recanati, especialmente en el epigrafe "A problem for minimalism" en Literal Meaning (2004, pp.
Estos autores encajan mejor en lo que Recanati denomina las posturas sincretistas y, por lo tanto, estan ajenos a la critica del APGI.
A conservative assessment of the annual revenue currently collected by APGI (Alcoa) shows that 58% - about $18 million - is spent outside North Carolina.
The Nature Conservancy is very pleased to be signatory to the Relicensing Settlement Agreement with APGI.
Additionally, APGI plans to upgrade a bus to address the fuel savings and emissions reduction that can be realised for the large number of transit busses operating within the country in the near future.
Ray Barham, APGI Yadkin Relicensing Manager said, Alcoa has a long history in North Carolina and we are grateful for the strong relationships weve formed over the years.
Under a new license issued to APGI by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on January 25, 2005, base flow releases in the Cheoah River bypass are scheduled to begin September 1, with high flow releases occurring on September 17, October 1, and November 2.
On August 30, 2005 and as part of the agreement reached, APGI will grant to The Nature Conservancy, at no cost, permanent conservation easements covering approximately 5,900 acres and term conservation easements on an additional 3,975 acres of land.
Earlier this spring, more than 20 national and local environmental and regulatory groups came together with APGI in a signing ceremony, officially agreeing to the land swap.
The current license expires in February 2005, and APGI actually began the re-licensing process seven years ago.
The common stock had been trading on Nasdaq under the symbol APGI.
The common stock is currently trading on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol APGI.