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APHIDAmerican Pie Historical Interpretive Digest
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Alate aphid were collected and preserved in ethanol 80%.
Present study was conducted to inter-alia explore aphid species damaging medicinal and aromatic plants of Poonch division.
The RI values did not increase or decrease with time within the 72 h of observation; this was also observed by other authors when assessing aphid repellents (Lowery & Isman 1993; Bruce et al.
In Vehari, one hot spot of white fly and one hot spot of Aphid were reported.
In Vehari, five hot spots of white fly, five hot spots of Aphid, two hot spots of Thrips, and armyworm (1).
The present studies were conducted with the objective to find out the effect of allelopathic water extracts from sorghum, sunflower, brassica and mulberry on mortality of cabbage aphid which severely damages canola crop in Pakistan.
Also, aphid abundance was correlated with the number of mummies using Pearson rank correlation test.
Among these predat ors Transverse beetle, Coccinella transversalis belonging to the Subfamily Coccinellinae, Order Coleoptera is important predators of many aphid species.
Experiments were carried at the laboratory of Plant Production and Protection Department at Al-Balqa, Applied University, Jordan, to evaluate the efficacy of those extracts against peach-potato aphid.
The aphid populations' increase parthenogenetically primarily they are found on host plants especially on growing parts including tips flowers and developing pods with high density (Blackman and Eastop 2000; Mushtaq et al.