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APHIDSAdvanced Panoramic Helmet Interface Demonstrator System
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Mixed stages of springtails and aphids were used to feed the harvestmen.
The turnip aphid feeds mostly on turnip and mustard.
Aphids produce honeydew, so the ants will attack their predators, he says.
Aphids cause millions of pounds of damage to crops.
The ants will also protect the aphids, removing eggs of any aphid predator.
Much more serious are the virus diseases which aphids can transmit from one plant to another.
This member of the ladybug family, more likely to stick around, prefers to feed on mealybugs but also eats aphids and young scale if mealybugs aren't present.
2) Create food webs: quantify trophic links between aphids, their natural enemies and other key species.
Russian wheat aphid (RWA), indigenous to Iran, Afghanistan, Southern Russia, and some Mediterranean countries, has now spread in many regions of the world.
An alternative could be to highlight predator-prey interactions and emphasize biological control of aphids (see The University of Arizona Center for Insect Science Education Outreach, 2008).