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APIANAmerican and Pacific Islander Arts Network (Washington, DC)
APIANAdvanced Propulsion Integration Aerodynamics and Noise (est. 1996)
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Though Severian is an unreliable narrator, both lying and failing to understand personal relationships, the affective weight of his experience rings true, especially at the death of Apian and recovery of the Claw.
Aelred's name is Anglo-Saxon, and properly means counselor, (39) befitting Apian who gives advice at every meeting.
Friendship's power makes equals, (44) causes friendship with God even to contemplation, (45) and culminates in willingness to die for the other, (46) exactly mirroring the arc of Severian's friendship with Apian.
Industry was not the only quality, of course, that tied human to bee; (26) Spenser's Amazonian apian simile makes clear that gender and affect could play a defining role especially where sovereignty was at stake.
Apian virtues or vices aside, how quickly we can momentarily forget, in Virgil, Spenser, or Shakespeare's invocation of bees, the different scales at which human and bee operate.
In addition to Iron Data Solutions, Apian Consulting and Cambria Solutions will be working as sub-contractors to Accenture on the project.
The Roman military crucified 6,000 prisoners along the Apian Way.
28] In producing what would become for the sixteenth century the standard textbook of mathematical geography, Peter Apian speaks in his dedicatory letter to the Archbishop of Salzburg, figuring as preface to his Cosmographicus liber of 1524, not only of the geographica disciplina but also of the geografica et cosmographica professio.
The Roman poet Ovid may be best known in our own day for his book ``Metamorphoses,'' but during his own lifetime, Ovid's most popular poem was his epic of lost love titled ``I missed you at the Orgy of Bacchus because of construction work on the Apian Way.
I write about them here as a cautionary tale to gardeners who, hearing of my experience, might be able to avoid apian mishaps of a similar kind.
86 To understand the fuller meaning of cosmography, one might look to a popular text like Apian, part 1, chap.
SAIPAN North Marianas A-PAINS (pl of a-pain, OED adv), APIANS (pl of apian, of bees), APINAS (pl of apina, Web2), ASPIAN (Aspian wild goat, OED wild 1688q), PAIANS (pl of paian, OED paean), PAISAN (OED peasant), PANAIS (OED parsnip), PANIAS (pl of pania, OED Pawnee 1806q), SPANIA (Spania OED Spainol).