APICCAlaska Process Industry Careers Consortium
APICCAsia-Pacific Intelligence Chiefs Conference (est. 2007)
APICCAsia Pacific Intellectual Capital Centre (Hong Kong)
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Some of this involved sensitive information--a company's estimate of future plans and human resource needs is usually confidential--but a method was worked out through APICC to compile data in aggregate while maintaining confidentiality for individual companies.
APICC has meanwhile set the paradigm for other industries that similarly are composed of firms and organizations that are often competitors and need a way to collaborate to reach a common goal--in this case, workforce development.
APICC was to host a multi-industry meeting in May to identify the cross-skills that are identified common to several industries, Ketterling says, with a report expected to be published in the fall.
APICC founded the Process Technology program offered at the University of Alaska (Tanana Valley, Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage).
A model professional development program at APICC is "Teacher Industry Externships" (TIE).
APICC helped to develop and advocates for "Youth Employability Skills" (YES).
The staff at APICC and member partners attend career, job and trade fairs to promote Alaska process-industry careers and YES.
As a 25-year veteran Alaskan educator and administrator, I valued the practical leadership engagement that APICC has delivered over the years.
The NSTC office at APICC manages instructor qualification and certification for one or more personnel of the oil and gas producers, their contractor companies, and authorized third-party provider organizations.
Today, APICC has a dedicated staff, a talented board of directors and a clear strategic plan to address both the challenges and opportunities on Alaska's economic horizon.
The APICC partnership between industry and the University of Alaska is one of the most important ways we are responding to the economic development needs of Alaska, and preparing Alaskans for jobs right here at home" said Mark R.