APIEAustin Partners in Education (Texas)
APIEAgence du Patrimoine Immatériel de l'État (France)
APIEAmerican Physicians Insurance Exchange (Austin, TX)
APIEAssessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
APIEAcademic and Professional International Evaluations
APIEAsian Pacific Islander Employees (demographics)
APIEAbstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance & Encapsulation (Java programming)
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APIE supports AISD students by providing and supporting programs to help students gain academic skills and self-confidence necessary for lifelong success.
We are committed to providing excellent service to our APIE doctors, and we feel that through the Business Objects implementation, we will continue to build a financially stronger carrier for years to come.
BusinessObjects Data Integrator will help ensure information accountability, and play a key role in allowing APMC Insurance Services and the company it manages, APIE, to standardize on one BI solution.
The management team of APMC Insurance Services along with the Board of Directors for APIE brings decades of industry experience, and expertise in medical malpractice insurance issues.
APMC Insurance Services and APIE both have an exceptional track record for defending physicians against litigation and exerting a positive influence on the medical profession.