APIIAction Products International, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
APIIAsia-Pacific Information Infrastructure
APIIAutomatique Productique Informatique Industrielle (French: Automatic Control Production Systems; journal)
APIIAblation Plasma Ion Implantation
APIIAustralian Plant Image Index (Australian National Botanic Gardens)
APIIAdvanced Prototype Information Infrastructure (US DoD DISA)
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Welborn also said Thursday that Wal-Mart will serve on the APII Employer Advisory Council to encourage other employers to participate in the APII.
More information about APII can be found at http://www.
The General has overseen and produced technology of such historical significance and now he brings that with him to APII.
As APII continues an aggressive path towards reaching their goals, they are completing their selection of an audit firm.
Teresa McWilliams, CFO of APII states, "We will immediately begin preparing an S1 Registration Statement so that it will be ready to file as soon as the audits are completed.
com, APII is in the process of completing the acquisition of Core Wafer Systems, and expects to do so in the second quarter of 2012.
We'll be working to bring together the most advanced up and coming technologies into APII.
The sky is the limit for APII, and I believe that our shareholders will be rewarded for their perseverance and faith in us.
Teresa McWilliams, CFO for APII, states, "We have uncovered many difficult financial issues as we have examined company records from the past few years.
APII seeks to bring together companies that deliver complementary technology and services in software applications, social media and cloud computing infrastructure.
January sales for APII set a record for the Company in spite of severe bad weather conditions in the Northeast.