APIMSAir Program Information Management System
APIMSAssociation of Presbyterian Interim Ministry Specialists (Antioch, TN)
APIMSAtmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry
APIMSAerospace Physiology Information Management System
APIMSAir Permit Information Management System
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Ultra Clean Technology's APIMS Certification Process
After the gas panel is completely assembled, Ultra Clean Technology carries out APIMS certification by performing a benchmark to determine the initial moisture level of the gas panel.
The APIMS measures part-per-trillion (ppt) trace contaminants such as moisture, oxygen, methane, and carbon dioxide, while most conventional techniques, such as dew point meters, are not capable of reliably resolving single-digit ppb levels.
Ultra Clean Technology also routinely measures for other contaminants during the APIMS scan as well.
The new portable APIMS is now being sent to Airco/BOC customer sites where, within only a few days of arrival, it is capable of analysis measurement that can identify the source of any gas system purity fluctuations.