APIPAdditional Personal Injury Protection (insurance)
APIPAtomic Processes in Plasmas (conference)
APIPAutomatic Private IP
APIPAnnual Permanent Improvement Program
APIPAdvanced Placement Instructional Package
APIPAUTOVON Performance Index Program
APIPAssociate Provost for International Programs (various locations)
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This accreditation day is mandatory for those wishing to become members of APIP.
Allstate argued that the clock began to tick when it began paying the APIP benefits in 1998.
To gauge the effects of the APIP, Jackson compared the change in performance of students (before and after adoption) in schools that adopted the program to the change in performance, over the same time period, for students in other Texas schools that had been selected for participation but where the program had not yet been implemented.
The result of the conference and related information on enhancing Global Value Chains in Agriculture and Food Sector will be uploaded for all the stakeholders at APIP, http://www.
One of the system's wide-ranging features includes its enhancements to support APIP standardization," explains Gary Driscoll, Senior Strategic Advisor, Information Technology.
View the CA&L IMS APIP demonstration video here.
One of the system's wide-ranging features includes its enhancements to support APIP Personal Needs Profiles," said Gary Driscoll, Senior Strategic Advisor, Information Technology, ETS.
Mattson will work with Nimble to integrate APIP into Measured Progress's assessment platforms.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The QTI (Question and Test Interoperability)/APIP (Accessible Protocol (APIP) Alliance - a subgroup of the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS), a membership-based group dedicated to fostering the open digital innovation revolution in education - awarded the Questar Assessment System APIP v1 Content Package Conformance in September 2014 and the APIP v1 Delivery Conformance in November 2014.
According to CEO of APIP Lee Cashell, We are extremely pleased with our ability to raise significant levels of capital, from both inside and outside Mongolia, during a challenging economic time in the Mongolian economy.
initiated by the O'Donnell Foundation in 1996, and supported by the TI Foundation since 2000, the APIP program has given financial incentives to date to 9,926 students in 17 high schools who might otherwise not have taken Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) classes, taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses and passed more than 16,000 AP tests.
Built for exceptionally high levels of scalability, responsiveness, and reliability - and audited by two outside experts to validate its efficacy - the core technology upon which Nextera was built received the APIP v1 Content Package Conformance and the APIP v1 Delivery Conformance by the IMS Global Learning Consortium's QTI (Question and Test Interoperability)/APIP (Accessible Protocol) Alliance certifications, based on the system's number of student accommodations and its level of compatibility with third-party test items.