APLISApplied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (US Navy)
APLISAustralasian Public Libraries and Information Services
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For each CPLIS and APLIS in a laboratory, a unique results interface must be established between the system and each EHR used by test orderers.
Computerized physician/provider order-entry interfaces from the EHR are much less common with APLIS than with CPLIS.
The purpose of the order in some EHRs is largely to create a placeholder for the result, and the order interface exists predominantly to communicate that placeholder (order number) to the APLIS so that, when the result arrives, it can be associated with the appropriate context.
Therefore, in setting up an order-entry interface into an APLIS, it is important for the pathologist to examine the workflow in the setting where the order will be placed to assure that there is provision for including pertinent history.
Only a few of the issues associated with an EHR to APLIS order-entry interface have been discussed here.
The contractors from APL helped with all the logistics of APLIS, from building the camp to retrieving and shipping the torpedoes that Annapolis and Helena tested while under the Arctic Ocean ice.
He stressed the importance of the command hut and the value APLIS brought to the overall ICEX mission.
Submarines help out all the carriers, we're their protectors, so if we can dominate worldwide, especially under the Arctic, then that will be good for the whole fleet," said Sonar Technician 1st Class (SS) Jose Gutierrez, who was at APLIS supporting his shipmates.
PathCentral's cloud-based APLIS provides a workflow solution suited to any pathology environment," said Joseph Nollar, Chief Information Officer for PathCentral.
The collaboration with Caradigm streamlines the workflow of pathologists by using Caradigm s Single Sign-On and Context Management software from its Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite of products to connect the Omnyx platform and the APLIS to give pathologists quicker, more secure access to laboratory applications and patient data.
PathCentral is honored that our web-based APLIS has been chosen by such a prestigious institution as its core laboratory workflow solution," said Matt Watson, PathCentral's CEO.
PathCentral's web-based APLIS platform will allow us to integrate our laboratory facilities and connect electronically to our broad base of hospital clients without making a large capital investment," said Shiang Huang, M.