APLMAssociated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (Rochester, NY)
APLMAnti-Personnel Land Mines
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APLM are carried out by means of development of human resources (professional training and further training), increase of manpower demand (subsidization of salary/employment, public works), improvement of the labor market regulation (creating employment services, informational support), combination of activization of labor efforts with the system of the social support, executed by the state (strategy of "rights and obligations" or "mutual obligations", when the state is obliged to provide high quality services in regards to employment and training, and a participant of APLM is obliged to carry out intensive job search).
The former president returned to Pakistan on March 24 ending four years of self-imposed exile to lead APLM party into the elections.
Cagle, MD, FCAP, medical director of Pulmonary Pathology in the Department of Pathology and Genomic Medicine at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, APLM editor, and CAP member.