APLPAsia Pacific Leadership Program
APLPAmyloid Precursor-Like Protein
APLPArmor-Piercing Limited-Penetration (ammunition)
APLPAmplified Product Length Polymorphism (genetics)
APLPAmerican Poetry & Literacy Project (Academy of American Poets)
APLPAlzheimer Precursor-Like Protein
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Repayment of the APLP term loan and amortization of project debt totaled $67.
In the third quarter of 2015, the Company made repayments on the APLP term loan totaling $9.
Adjusted Cash Flows from Operating Activities is a measure of the cash flow available to the Company to make principal repayments on its debt (primarily through amortization and the cash sweep under the APLP term loan), invest in its fleet through required or discretionary capital expenditures, and make dividend payments to preferred and common shareholders, if and when declared by the board of directors.
The increase was primarily attributable to higher Adjusted Cash Flows from Operating Activities and a lower level of APLP term loan amortization (the second quarter of 2014 included effectively four months of amortization), partially offset by increased project debt amortization and increased capital expenditures.
Expect to amortize approximately $48 to $54 million of APLP term loan and $24 million of project-level debt (total of approximately $75 million); will continue to evaluate opportunistic debt repurchases using cash on hand and proceeds from potential asset sales, if market valuations are compelling
4 million of term loan facility repayments by APLP and a $10.
APLP Project Adjusted EBITDA of $165 to $175 million, unchanged from previous guidance
The Company has not reconciled non-GAAP financial measures relating to the APLP projects to the directly comparable GAAP measures due to the difficulty in making the relevant adjustments on an individual project basis.
As required under the Senior Secured Term Loan, in early May APLP entered into interest rate swap agreements to effectively fix the Adjusted Eurodollar Rate interest rate at 1.
5 million term loan maturing in August 2018; issuance of $600 million APLP term loan maturing in February 2021; redemption of $190 million Curtis Palmer debt (Feb 2014); and redemption of $225 million US GP notes (Feb 2014).