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APLSAntiphospholipid Syndrome
APLSAdvanced Paediatric Life Support (children's health)
APLSAlabama Public Library Service
APLSAmerican Psychology-Law Society (American Psychological Association Division 41)
APLSAssociation for Politics and the Life Sciences
APLSAvery Point Lighthouse Society (formed in February 2000)
APLSArticulating Patient Loading System
APLSAssociation des Proprietaires du Lac Simon (French: Owners' Association of Lake Simon; Lake Simon, Canada)
APLSAutomated Postal Locator System
APLSA Poil La Strasse (Saint-Cyr, French Military College)
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Bumgarner, said that the Company's name reflects precisely the nature of its business, and the change of the trading Symbol to APLS, completes this part of the Company's restructuring.
The new APLS lapel-microphone is the world's first global positioning (GPS) assisted product for the PMR communications market.
This tight focus helps distinguish APLS from other online exchanges, many of which are operated and owned by the very companies who compete with users of b-to-b services.