APLTAirport/Long-Term (parking; Bay Area Rapid Transit; San Francisco, CA)
APLTA Path Less Traveled (band)
APLTAdvanced Private Line Termination
APLTAuxiliary Heterotopic Partial Liver Transplantation (surgery)
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The APLT stress management program is a spinoff from the successful smoking cessation program developed by Anne Penman more than 22 years ago, says MacasaetBenauro.
Coupled with personcentered guidance and a dedicated help line, APLT stress management, as well as smoking cessation and weight loss programs use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), a timetested, evidencebased technology that is widely recognized in Europe and the United States.
What is unique with the APLT stress management program is that it is fastacting yet has a longlasting effect," adds MacasaetBenauro.