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APMAAustralian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
APMAAtlantic Publishers Marketing Association
APMAArea of Project Management Application
APMAAgricultural Personnel Management Association
APMAAustralian Promotion Marketing Association
APMAAdvanced Particulate Materials Association
APMAAnalysis of PSF Motives and Attitudes
APMAAmerican Podiatric Medical Association
APMAAmerican Preventive Medical Association
APMAAutomotive Parts Manufacturers' Association
APMAAichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Japan)
APMAAmerican Paper Machinery Association
APMAAccredited Portfolio Management Advisor (College for Financial Planning)
APMAAustralian Packaging Machinery Association
APMAAustralian Pain Management Association (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
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2015-41 clarifies that if the APMA requires a taxpayer to expand the proposed scope of its APA request to cover certain interrelated matters, the "APMA will do so with due regard to considerations of principled, effective, and efficient tax administration and only after considering the views of the taxpayer and the applicable foreign competent authority" and will relay to the taxpayer any concerns about the interrelated matters and possible scope expansion (see Rev.
He also mentioned-"Our Company conducted a farmer awareness programme, on 11th Octtober'2010, on safe use of agro chemicals all across Andhra Pradesh, with 156 meeting and more than 7000 participants in association with APMA.
The complexity of the foot (which has 33 joints, 26 bones and over 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles) and the stress to which feet are subjected (the APMA estimates that the average person walks about 115,000 miles in a lifetime) are a formula for frequent pain.
The APMA rated the nation's 200 largest cities by such criteria as the number of people who exercise daily and the number of people taking public transportation to and from their jobs.
A midsize association, APMA knew that it didn't have a lot of money to work with when the organization began planning its diabetes-awareness campaign, "It's What You Don't Feel That Can Hurt You.
APMA, which operates in the border area of Entikong, between West Kalimantant-Malaysia imposes a levy of Rp 800,000 on a truck of smuggled logs.
For feet of all ages, from the young foot to older feet the members of the APMA provide high quality healthcare.
Phurrough met with other representatives of the APMA, the CMS, the American Diabetes Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss concerns about the new policy.
The other significant finding from both interviews and the APMA survey is that the trajectory of Canadian supplier relations with Japanese firms appears different from that in the United States.
In a confidential background paper prepared by the Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (APMA) for a meeting in November 2000 between the Prime Minister and APMA members located within John Howard's electoral district, the industry stressed that it was `greatly concerned about membership of PBAC particularly the public hostile attitude of some members and staff to industry' (APMA 2001).