APMEXAmerican Precious Metals Exchange
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It is a great privilege to join the team at APMEX, where Scott Thomas has directed the growth of the company, combining the excellent service with a simple, yet user-friendly Internet-based trading platform," explained Haynes.
The first coin in this Biblical series set the standards high, but this latest Silver coin raises the bar once again," APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said.
With its rimless high-relief design and antique finish, this Silver coin brought to you by APMEX is truly one of a kind.
APMEX is proud to be the exclusive dealer of these coins featuring such an iconic superhero," APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said.
These iconic characters resonate with people around the world," APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said.
Andrew Martineau, Vice President of Merchandising at APMEX, stated, "We hope consumers can appreciate this kind of specialty bullion APMEX helps make available from the Royal Canadian Mint as well as other mints around the world.
We've taken the feedback from our customers and used it to improve and evolve our website to be a better place for them to shop and learn about precious metals" said Scott Thomas, Founder and President of APMEX, "APMEX remains committed to offering continued enhancements in the future and we hope the new website shows our conscientious effort to invest in our customers and the industry", Thomas concluded.
Previously, APMEX was an Authorized Purchaser of the United States Mint silver bullion coins and with this announcement joins a select list of only 10 Authorized Purchasers worldwide that may purchase gold, platinum and silver bullion coins directly from the United States Mint.
APMEX is the exclusive retailer for this and other magnificent Perth Mint products.
com, buying Gold and Silver will be just as satisfying as holding the investments in your hands," says APMEX CEO Michael Haynes.
Customers are automatically entered to win when they purchase $250 USD of 2013 dated products from the Perth Mint through the APMEX website, between now and Oct.
one of the largest online retailers of Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals, today announced the launch of the first APMEX Grand Design Challenge.