APMIAsia Pacific Management Institute
APMIAssociate of the Pensions Management Institute (UK)
APMIAmerican Powder Metallurgy Institute
APMIAustralasian Philippines Mining, Inc.
APMIAtlas Precious Metals Inc. (Nevada)
APMIAmsterdam Pain Management Index (cancer)
APMIAccelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (US DoD)
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The LED fixtures were later found to be defective and APMI turned out to be not authorized to engage in the manufacturing of lighting materials contrary to its claim.
Takeda pushed complainant TRLEI to engage respondent APMI's services,' and that Okada practically owned APMI, so 'any gains and benefits derived by APMI redounded to Mr.
APMI has proven especially useful for Soldiers stationed at remote outposts that aren't supported by other precision-guided assets like Excalibur, the Army's 155mm precision-guided artillery round.
However, the HEGM will be more accurate and maneuverable than APMI.
APMI director Alfie Heeger believes PoolCop's time has arrived.
Ha permanecido en el tiempo el deseo de los organizadores de este Congreso de representar la esencia misma de la medicina integral y humanistica, que desde 1973 impulso a nuestros maestros a crear la APMI para juntar "los organos que hemos venido disecando y tratemos de estudiar un hombre como tal, con criterio de internista" (2).
Typically, mortars are fired in volleys against an area target because of their inherent inaccuracy, but with APMI, you have the potential to destroy a target with only one or two rounds," Burke said.
APMI said producers are facing security problem and economic uncertainties and lack of support from the banking sector.
Additional higher education programs in Asia include APMI Kaplan in Singapore, which provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in cooperation with universities in Australia, the U.
APMI has repeatedly appealed for assistance in the form of working capital which has already been pledged by the industry and trade ministrer and the finance minister, but is not forthcoming.
Under the spin-off, the Company will distribute to its shareholders as a dividend all of the shares of APMI common stock held by the Company.