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APMLAcute Promyelocytic Leukemia
APMLAttention Profiling Mark-up Language
APMLAssistant Program Manager for Logistics
APMLAssociate Program Manager for Logistics
APMLAnisotropic Perfectly Matched Layer
APMLAdvanced Platform Management Link (server)
APMLAdaptive Pseudo-Maximum-Likelihood (data estimation algorithm)
APMLAcquisition Program Manager for Logistics
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Addressing the gathering, Gen (retd) Musharraf said that the APML was rooted in entire Pakistan.
They recalled that in the recent past, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan and the Pak Sarzameen Party had also held their gatherings at the same venue after being duly allowed by the authorities concerned, but the APML was being denied permission to hold the 'Jalsa'.
Meanwhile APML Central information department in a press release has said that the party with start its election campaign and hold public meetings in all major cities of the country.
Dr Amjad at that instance said that APML Chairman Syed Pervez Musharraf has a vision for the development and prosperity of the whole country that is not limited to a particular area.
When asked why other APML workers did not reach the farm house, Aman expressed his disappointment at the lack of coordination within the APML, the report added.
FIST is a database loaded by the LEMs for the NAVAIR APML, LEMs, and FMS customer to track spares, support equipment, and publications for the entire aircraft as well as at the system level.
Islamabad public meeting is a continuation of the APML 's series of public meetings that are being held in all major cities of the country.
The APML chief opined that MQM is an infamous name now and brings bad reputation to Mohajirs.
Others who left the APML are Sher Afgan Niazi and Fawad Chaudhry, while Hanook Bhatti switched to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf a few days ago.
Once the Navy baseline database is built, the APML, through menu-driven user friendly screens, can use the model to conduct numerous analyses pertaining to each specific FMS application.
AMPL chief said that people have fed up from the monopoly of few political parties and APML will steer Pakistan from ongoing challenges of deteriorating economic crisis and mounted inflation, corruption and shortfalls.
General Musharraf will take suggestions from the party workers in this regard, APML JSI said.