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APMLAcute Promyelocytic Leukemia
APMLAttention Profiling Mark-up Language
APMLAssistant Program Manager for Logistics
APMLAssociate Program Manager for Logistics
APMLAnisotropic Perfectly Matched Layer
APMLAdvanced Platform Management Link (server)
APMLAdaptive Pseudo-Maximum-Likelihood (data estimation algorithm)
APMLAcquisition Program Manager for Logistics
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She said that the APML Chief had declared his assets to the Election Commission of Pakistan, which were subject to payment of taxes and the same was done in lines with the provisions of the law.
This was claimed by Syed Ashfaq Hussain Bokhari, Pir Syed Taufeeq Ali Najfi, Pir Syed Faiz Ahmed Gilani and Allama Mohammad Abbas Abid had joined APML during a Press Conference at APML Central Secretariat on Saturday.
Now, APML Chief Coordinator Hussain has claimed that some Q leaders have offered tendering their resignations on the day of Musharraf's comeback, in order to join him.
It was no secret that the PMLN had attacked the apex Judiciary so they should not advise Musharraf to respect the Judiciary as the APML Chief had fuill respect for the Judiciary in all aspects.
APML spokesperson said that this slap on the cheek of government by the Judiciary that "400 police officials are involved in law and order situation of the Karachi".
The APML declared that the said news item was absolutely false, frivolous, fabricated and published as part of a vilification propaganda campaign aimed to harm, defame, and denigrate Musharraf's reputation.
In a statement issued from central secretariat of APML, Shafiq said that Musharraf vote to power would put the country on track and would purge out all the venal minded and corrupt mentality.
Addressing a workers meeting held here at central information secretariat, she said that APML chief had already announced that he would come back and would face all the cases against him pending at courts so that when he would be back, it would be responsibility of government to provide him complete security, she added.
The APML leader said the PPP government is about to complete its five-year tenure but did not deliver.
During October, APML technical staff made a series of initial field surveys through the area immediately surrounding the Bawdwin mine -- yielding the discovery of significant mineralization.
The central, provincial, divisional, district and tehsil level APML leaders and office bearers will attend the convention.
When asked why other APML workers did not reach the farm house, Aman expressed his disappointment at the lack of coordination within the APML, the report added.