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APMSAlternative Provider Medical Services (UK)
APMSAviation Performance Measuring System
APMSAutomated Program Management Information System
APMSAutomated Performance Measurement System
APMSAntes do Ponto-Morto Superior (Before Top Dead Center; Portuguese)
APMSAdvanced Plant Management System
APMSArmy Portfolio Management Solution
APMSAutomated Power Management System
APMSAutomated Project Management System
APMSAutomated Personnel Management System
APMSAccountable Property Management System
APMSAdvanced Process Management System
APMSATCCS Program Master Schedule
APMSAirborne Parametric Measurement System
APMSAir Picture Management System
APMSApollo Middle School (New York)
APMSAcquisition Performance Management System (US Coast Guard)
APMSAP Moller Singapore
APMSAmericas Project Management Services
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If a request is not associated with a funding code APMS will merely annotate the unfunded requirement for stakeholders in the unit's chain of command to make a determination.
Tanker trucks, used for the transport of BBM from one depot to the other depots of Pertamina and then to units of SPBU, SPBI, SPBA, APMS, DPPU, kerosene agents, KUDs, bunkers and other distribution facilities serving the consumers directly.
While pounds 250million a year does not sound a lot in comparison to the pounds 8 billion-plus the NHS spends on primary care services each year, it is almost double the current spend through the APMS structure.
Data analyses were performed using the Chi square test (Web Chi Square Calculator) to analyse the number of epidural techniques versus IV PCA numbers for the APMS data and the number of general anaesthesia plus epidural anaesthesia or analgesia versus the number of general anaesthesia plus IV PCA for the colonic surgery patients, comparing usage before and after the MASTER trial publication.
The differing viewpoints and priorities of this diverse guiding coalition helped to shape the vision and future direction for the APMS.
The names of all companies involved are being kept heavily under wraps, and it is possible a voluntary group or consortium of GPs could win the deal under the APMS terms.
Other common features include a 5-disc drawer carousel CD changer, full logic dual cassette deck and 32-track APMS (automatic programmable music selector).
Registration into APMS is critical to gaining access to the Army's CA and formalizing the entire C&A process.
The Department of Health expects that nationally many of these new APMS practices will be operated by big business such as Virgin or Sainsbury's.
These would be procured through an open tendering process on a new APMS (Alternative Provider of Medical Services) contract.
Nor is APMS (Alternative Provider Medical Services) ready to fill the gap.
APMS (Agen Premium Minyak Solar), or diesel oil premium agent which is appointed by Pertamina as a private agent to serve motorized vehicles inland or on water which cannot be reached by tank trucks, or because the vehicles are located across the river or sea.