APMUAssociation of Priority Mail Users
APMUAgricultural Pest Management Unit (Gambia)
APMUAnalog Pin Measurement Unit (semiconductors)
APMUAerial Photographic Mapping Unit (US Army)
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Dr Ashenden said his new contract required him to get permission before offering personal opinions on any matter related to his role interpreting blood profiles, and claimed the APMU were 'trying to manage the message'.
Dr Ashenden claimed the IAAF formed a culture of 'omerta', which is a term that describes the pact of silence in the Mafia, and the new APMU was trying to silence him.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: WADA, World Anti-Doping Agency; APMU, Athlete Passport Management Units.
Experts should be encouraged to assist the APMU in the planning of dedicated testing schemes for each athlete.
Frank also said, "The J750 APMU option is an ideal solution for our European mixed-signal customers.