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APNAccess Point Name
APNAppareil Photo Numérique (France)
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse
APNAssessor's Parcel Number (real estate & surveying)
APNAmericans for Peace Now
APNAsia-Pacific Network
APNAssemblée des Premières Nations (Assembly of First Nations; Canada)
APNAutorité Portuaire Nationale (French: National Port Authority; Haiti)
APNAdministración de Parques Nacionales (National Parks Administration, Argentina)
APNAsamblea Popular Nacional (China)
APNAdaptive Private Networking
APNArab Press Network (France)
APNAmis du Patrimoine Napoléonien (French: Friends of Napoleonic Heritage)
APNAssociate Professor of Nursing
APNAcute Pyelonephritis
APNAcademic Position Network (online job recruitment)
APNAircraft Procurement, Navy
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse Practitioner
APNAlmost Perfect Nonlinear
APNArchives of Psychiatric Nursing
APNAlliance for Psychosocial Nursing
APNAfrican Parks Network (est. 2000)
APNAlpena, MI, USA - Alpena Regional Airport (Airport Code)
APNAgent Premium Newsgroups
APNAugmented Proportional Navigation
APNAdministration du Pipe-Line du Nord (Northern Pipeline Agency - Canada)
APNArmy Part Number
APNAsanble Popilè Nasyonal (National Popular Assembly, Haiti)
APNAssociation pour la Protection de la Nature
APNAviation Procurement Navy
APNAdvance Purchasing Notice
APNAction Point Number
APNAmicale des Pêcheurs Niçois (French professional fishermen group)
APNAustralian Part Number (barcoded number)
APNAsia-Pacific Network for Research in Global Change
APNAgentstwo Petschati Nowosti (Russian news agency)
APNAsian Professional Networking
APNAssociated Pharmacy Network
APNAktien plus Neuemission (German: Shares plus New Issue)
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APN was established as a member-based non-profit organization in April, 2003 by a group of motivated persons concerned with the protection of the environment and the natural resources in Arab countries.
Furthermore, this fully automated process removes the need for subscribers to make manual APN configuration changes to their smartphone.
Where the opportunity exists, some employees may be redeployed to other APN sites.
We believe that APN Promise is the right partner to enter the Polish software market, given their proven track record in software retail distribution.
APN called on Obama to "redouble his own commitment to peace by laying out his own plan for peace -- including presenting substantive peace parameters and his plan of action for moving forward.
The systematic review demonstrates that APNs provide safe, quality patient care and supports the role of APNs as equal partners in healthcare reform.
The Brocade APN program includes four distinct partnership levels: Distributor, Elite, Premier and Select.
Paul Kapsar RN MSN APN has had a 38+ year healthcare career.
This perfectly situated space places APN, purveyor of the most genuine food and cooking technique from the Naples region, in the heart of its element," said Consolo.
Salton, in a statement, called the termination "wrongful," adding that it intends to "vigorously pursue" action against APN Holding Co.
The most recent APN role, nurse practitioner, has a history of more than 40 years.
Despite the challenges presented by a health care system in a state of constant flux and constantly changing regulations, the authors provide a thorough account of the history of each of the four APN roles--nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist--along with sociopolitical issues and controversies.