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APNAccess Point Name
APNAppareil Photo Numérique (France)
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse
APNAssessor's Parcel Number (real estate & surveying)
APNAmericans for Peace Now
APNAsia-Pacific Network
APNAssemblée des Premières Nations (Assembly of First Nations; Canada)
APNAutorité Portuaire Nationale (French: National Port Authority; Haiti)
APNAdministración de Parques Nacionales (National Parks Administration, Argentina)
APNAsamblea Popular Nacional (China)
APNAdaptive Private Networking
APNArab Press Network (France)
APNAmis du Patrimoine Napoléonien (French: Friends of Napoleonic Heritage)
APNAssociate Professor of Nursing
APNAcute Pyelonephritis
APNAcademic Position Network (online job recruitment)
APNAircraft Procurement, Navy
APNAdvanced Practice Nurse Practitioner
APNAlmost Perfect Nonlinear
APNArchives of Psychiatric Nursing
APNAlliance for Psychosocial Nursing
APNAfrican Parks Network (est. 2000)
APNAlpena, MI, USA - Alpena Regional Airport (Airport Code)
APNAgent Premium Newsgroups
APNAugmented Proportional Navigation
APNAdministration du Pipe-Line du Nord (Northern Pipeline Agency - Canada)
APNArmy Part Number
APNAsanble Popilè Nasyonal (National Popular Assembly, Haiti)
APNAssociation pour la Protection de la Nature
APNAviation Procurement Navy
APNAdvance Purchasing Notice
APNAction Point Number
APNAmicale des Pêcheurs Niçois (French professional fishermen group)
APNAustralian Part Number (barcoded number)
APNAsia-Pacific Network for Research in Global Change
APNAgentstwo Petschati Nowosti (Russian news agency)
APNAsian Professional Networking
APNAssociated Pharmacy Network
APNAktien plus Neuemission (German: Shares plus New Issue)
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In Brazilian populations, lower APN levels have been associated with increased prevalence of CAD (14) and risk of major cardiovascular events--such as nonfatal AMI, nonfatal stroke, and death--within 1 year of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) (15).
The AWS Solution Provider Programme, which will be available in early 2018, replaces the Channel Reseller Programme and offers a new, tiered incentive structure that rewards APN Consulting Partners who are innovating on behalf of their customers with proven solution capabilities and have achieved competencies in the areas of Migration, Managed Service Provider (MSP), and/or DevOps.
Graduate level education gives the APN the ability to conceptualize interventions and offer support to patients living with ESKD while seeking to achieve a higher rating of HRQOL.
According to the merger plan, the NZME will be demerged and APN shareholders will receive one NZME share for each APN share, (http://www.
APN Health, LLC is focused on advancing the tools available in electrophysiology.
APN Health said that the system is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of electrophysiology procedures.
Notably, one study on the progression of pancreatic cancer showed that APN can protect pancreatic beta cells against apoptosis via activation of 5' AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), SIRT1, and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PGC-1[alpha]) signaling [28].
Business responsibilities must be equally balanced with clinical responsibilities, and so the APN practice owner must properly budget time for each of these equally important responsibilities.
The event was funded by APN and listeners of Radio Hayat FM in Jordan and other Palestinian organizations.
However, few studies have focused on the roles of adiponectin (APN) and leptin in T2DM, although a primary study has indicated that resistance to leptin in T2DM promotes myocardial lesions [10], and a decrease in APN has been shown to promote myocardial lesions [11].
Talari has also released a new version of its Adaptive Private Networking (APN) software, Talari APN 4.