APNCUAdequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization (also seen as APNCUI)
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Also, the APNCU Index only assesses adequacy of prenatal care utilization and does not provide information on the quality of the prenatal care that is delivered (Kotelchuck, 1994).
Furthermore, intensive use of prenatal care increased among both white (R-GINDEX, from 18% to 30%; APNCU, from 3% to 7%) and black women (R-GINDEX, from 20% to 31%; APNCU, from 4% to 7%).
White women had greater gains than black women in intensive use of prenatal care as measured by both the APNCU (68% vs.
First, the summary index for adequacy of prenatal care was developed using Kotelchuck's APNCU.
It is true that both the Kessner Index and the APNCU take into account the initiation and intensity of care, as well as gestational age at delivery.