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APOCAnarchist People of Color
APOCA Piece of Cake
APOCAssociation of Postal Officials of Canada
APOCAsia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications Conference
APOCAssistant Production Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
APOCAsia-Pacific Orientation Course
APOCAsphalt Products Oil Corporation (Long Beach, CA)
APOCAlternate Point of Contact
APOCArmy Point Of Contact
APOCAccount Point of Contact
APOCAdvanced Public Order Commander (UK police service)
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APOC staff reported in mid-June that the "majority of the allegations are substantiated by the evidence," according to the 42-page report.
see also APOC Hearing, supra note 396, at 9 (lifting the cease and desist order as soon as the website was revised in accordance with the APOC's order).
For its part, APOC argued that it had to offer such incentives to recruit and retain highly skilled European staff, used to a far higher standard of living than most Persians.
Manufacturers also have a long track record of providing aluminized roof coatings, according to Dan White, technical product manager with APOC.
La APOC (conocida en ingles como Community-Oriented Primary Care, COPC) es un modelo practico cuyo proposito es racionalizar, organizar y sistematizar los recursos sanitarios existentes mediante intervenciones que reflejan los principios contenidos en la Declaracion de Alma-Ata (3-5).
At the time of launching the programme in 1996, it was estimated that at least 15m people living within the APOC areas were infected with Onchocerciasis.
vestita Scleria cyperina * ** CYP 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 PH Digomphia laurifolia BIGN 1-2-3-4 SH Vellozia tubiflora VELL 2-5 PH Mandevilla benthamii APOC 1-2-3-4-5-6 PH Ternstroemia pungens THEAC 1-2-3 SH Sauvagesia guianensis OCHN 4 PH Clidemia sericea MELAST 1-5-6-7 PH Ternstroemia crassifolia THEAC 1-2-3 SH Sisyrinchium vaginatum IRID 6 PH Chamaecrista devauxii CAES 1-2-5 PH var.
Por un lado se presenta (hasta en su etimologia) como una revelacion ("No guardes en secreto los mensajes profeticos de este libro", Apoc.
The names of other characters represent their thematic connections and/or computer terms through their hacker identities Mouse, Switch, Apoc and Cypher (Joe Pantoliano).
He accordingly both establishes them as witnesses and provides them with an appreciation of the faith (sensus fidei) and the grace of the word (see Acts 2:17-18; Apoc 19:10) so that the power of the Gospel may shine out in daily family and social life.
Britain's response to the seizure of APOC in the Persian desert was to persuade the world to boycott Iranian oil, and Musadeq was soon toppled.