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APODAstronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)
APODAerial Port Of Debarkation
APODAnnual Property Operating Data
APODAssistant Payload Operations Director (NASA)
APODAbsent Place of Duty
APODAlternate Phase Opposition Disposition (RF carrier disposition scheme)
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The APOD at Thebephatshwa did not seem suitable for civilian-type passenger aircraft and also had a questionable runway length for the C-5 Galaxy aircraft (or equivalent), which was needed for deploying four CH-47 Chinook helicopters from Hawaii to Thebephatshwa.
There are six Alternative Places of Detention, including the South Australian Inverbrackie APOD which is the site for this study, and six places for residential housing or transit accommodation.
18) The global--range capability of the CATs permits them, unlike the C-5s, to fly 3,000 nm from the regional base into the APOD and return the same distance to the base without either refueling at the APOD or air refueling en route.
The JAT assesses the APOD in order to ensure that it is capable of supporting operations and identify any modifications that would be required to make the operation more efficient.
The APOD archive contains the largest collection of annotated astronomical images on the Internet.
The vulnerability analysis reveals that the enemy has persistent chemical agents that can be delivered to the APOD by rockets or terrorists.
The Air Force lacked the capability to perform arrival/departure airfield control group (A/DACG), onward movement, clearance, in-transit visibility (ITV), and command and control missions using APOD ramps.
The flexibility of this unit to tailor its force to the need of the operation is a key strength of the JTF-PO because it has Soliders and skills that transcend all operations at an APOD.
The battalion scheduled packing and pickup dates, by unit, a couple of days before validated airflow time of movement through the APOD.
The IDC and APOD contract extension makes the two contracts with the DIBP concurrent until 10 December 2014, after which both contracts may be subject to a rebid or additional extensions
However, the TG PAT also is responsible for coordinating many crucial non-HR tasks, such as transportation activities related to the APOD and life-support activities (billeting and feeding) for transients.