APODETIAssociacão Popular Democratica Timorense (Timorese Popular Democratic Association, East Timor)
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Three years later, Tilman joined a consortium with three other Timorese collaborators, Abilio de Araujo, the Lisbon-based former top executive of FRETILIN, Francisco Lopes da Cruz, a former UDT leader who had become Suharto's `roving ambassador for East Timor', and Jose Abilio Osorio-Soares, then Jakarta-appointed governor of Timor Loro Sa'e and cofounder of the pro-Indonesian party, APODETI.
First, CNRT has brought together the leaders of all the main Timorese parties, including FRETILIN and the UDT, which in August 1975 were briefly in conflict, and even members of APODETI, which once championed integration with Indonesia.
In fact, according to a survey of its members, 48 per cent of its members have parents with an APODETI background, 26 per cent have parents with an UDT background, and only 24 per cent have parents with a FRETILIN background (da Silva Lopes, 1996).