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APONAssociation of Pediatric Oncology Nurses
APONATM Passive Optical Network
ApOnApplications Online
APONAcquired Pit of the Optic Nerve
APONAnterior Part of the Preoptic Nucleus (amphibians)
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Cabe destacar que los organismos de la desembocadura del Rio Apon se encontraron en su totalidad asociados a las raices de Pistia stratiotes L.
Broadband PON (BPON): the presently used name for APON which is based on ITU-T recommendations G.
28) I pray yow at hys comyng whate apon hym and thanke hym for ws, for he has beyn howr spessyall good master in thys mater (RC2 1481).
The video is accompanied with the words: "The youth from John Spence High School who stumbled apon (sic) a video camera take to the streets of North Shields in search of pain.
To suffre the thing for Christes fayth / that we worldly wrechid folys wene were vilany and shame, the blessid apostles rekenid for greate glory / for they when they were with despite and shame scourgid, and there apon commaundid to speke no more of the name of christ / went ther way fro the councell ioyfull and glad, that god had vouchsafed to do them the worship, to suffer shamfull despite for the name of Ihesu.
More in line with medieval iconographic tradition, in the Cornish Meriasek, Constantine for his role in persecuting Christians is afflicted by leprosy, effected by "a visour aredy apon Constantyn ysface" (s.
Incipit, compiler: 'Quomodo Dominus Ihesus Christus apparuit Sancto Gregorio in tale effugie'; begins: ' Apon a day Saynt Gregore'; ends: '[THORN]en loke [thorn]ou say anon | Dewowtle [thorn]is confession'.
El termino "Cogollo inferior" se refiere a las gruesas capas de caliza y a las calizas arenosas basales o areniscas calcareas de la parte inferior de la formacion Apon.
First stop was Sungai Apon where youngsters were building a jungle walkway.
On the first arch there had been 'a trophy of "decollated heads"' under the inscription 'Sequitur Rebelles | Ultor a tergo Deus ("Gods Vengeance Rebels at the Heels pursues")', explained by Ogilby as 'representing in a Trophy the late Example of God's justice apon the Rebels, who committed that most horrid murther upon His Majesties Royal Father of Blessed Memory' (p.
For it is reported, that the Camelion cannot take white culler: but Alcibiades could put apon him any manners, customes, or facions, of what nation soever, and could followe, exercise, and counterfeate them when he would as well the good as the bad.