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APONAssociation of Pediatric Oncology Nurses
APONATM Passive Optical Network
ApOnApplications Online
APONAcquired Pit of the Optic Nerve
APONAnterior Part of the Preoptic Nucleus (amphibians)
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PON is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific, especially Japan, where hundreds of thousands of subscribers are using ePON and aPON," Howard added.
Driving Ethernet fiber access will be the Asia/Pacific region, which is leading the metro Ethernet services charge, and where many of the deployments to date have been made using newer Ethernet equipment, rather than older APON.
And when it came to the Quantum Bridge/Motorola solution, we liked the economics of the full ATM switching features of the OLT, the power of the integrated video return path, and the fact that they are compliant with the international APON standards," Diehl explained.
the market leader in PON-based solutions for the last mile, today became the first APON vendor to successfully complete a live field demonstration of its switched digital video (SDV) capability over an all-fiber local access network.
Our completion of the OSMINE process vastly simplifies the integration of APON into certain service providers' existing networks, eliminating the need for specialized systems, procedures or personnel," said Toshi Kida, director of product management for Paceon.
Optical services are delivered to multiple customer endpoints over Full Service Access Network (FSAN) compliant APON technology.
Telcordia and Paceon have a five-year agreement that allows Paceon to manufacture and sell its APON family of products with embedded SRTS technology.
Our new diplexer and triplexer products meet this need in an inexpensive, small package and provide various wavelength allocations and data rates for diverse FTTx architectures such as point-to-point, APON or EPON.
NAPPSI welcomes Medi-Flex, AAOH, APON, and AANA and gratefully acknowledges their contribution to the growing clout NAPPSI has amassed.
APON technology in the local loop will grow significantly as the cost of optical T-1 approaches the cost of copper deployed T-1.
The optical sub-task force also made significant progress, by adopting specifications for the point to multipoint (or EPON) optical transceivers, which will enable the EFM components to be manufactured at significantly less cost than their APON rivals.