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APOPAssociation for Pet Obesity Prevention (est. 2005)
APOPAuthentication Post Office Protocol (Qualcomm)
APOPAdvanced Purchase Order Processing
APOPAdvanced Product Quality Planning
APOPAlternate Point of Presence (telecommunications)
APOPAutomated Program Operating Plan
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APop enjoyed support from a raft of business leaders, especially in the property development, housing and construction industries.
The APOP was the interval between the emergence of an adult female insect and the start of its egg laying.
Tall arrived in summer 2009 to play for APOP Kinyras in Peyia, and after a relatively successful first season decided to extend his stay on the island and signed for a second season at the Paphos club.
I went to see him play for Rapid in the Europa League against APOP of Cyprus last term.
Working closely with the customer, SK&A designs a detailed APOP which includes some or all of the following information, based on user need:
According to the latest data from APOP, more than 50 million owned cats in the United States are overweight - that's more than 58 percent of all owned cats.
APOP star is to join a massed ladies choir in Huddersfield for a fundraising night to remember.
Anorthosis meanwhile beat second division side APOP Kinyras 3-0 in their second leg encounter to advance 6-2 on aggregate.
I don't know if big Bougherra understands or someone has told him a couple of the boys have had apop, but it has flared up and that sometimes happens.
Cypriot side Alki Larnaca were not so lucky when they arrived for their away clash with APOP.
APOP star turned arts supremo has moved to academia for the next stage of her career.