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APORTaerial port (US DoD)
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Throughout this upgrade process, Aport has retained its proprietary and distinctive approach towards retrieval tasks on the Internet.
trap, toper, topee, tope, taper, tape, tapa, rope, repeat, reap, rapt, rape, prove, prate, port, pore, poet, peter, pert, peer, peat, pear, pave, pater, pate, part, pare, operate, opera, atop, aport, apart, EVAPORATE Wordsquare: M.
APORT has marked its link-up with a city theatre by meeting up with a superhero to see its work.
What is needed is to look at a four term school year, with much less holiday, and for Comprehensive pupils to have their final exams in November, re-sits before Easter, (following year) and Summer terms spent in aport activities, field works and work experiences.
The culture was worlds aport from my previous workplaces and the job itself gave me the chance to broaden my business brain to include sales on top of marketing and finance skills.
ROL owns popular Russian spacing Internet resources, such as Aport search engine www.
He has 5 Cwmdonkin Drive on a long lease from owner Kevin Lane, aPort Talbot solicitor who is also a Thomas fan.
This is the first full quarter following Golden Telecom's two most significant Internet portal acquisitions - IT Infoart Stars and the Agama family of sites, which include Aport, @Rus ("Atrus") and Omen.
Several of these purchases closed in the fourth quarter, including the acquisition of a top-rated Russian search engine Aport, a leading online directory service @Rus and popular entertainment site Omen from Digital Holdings, Corp.
On July 30, the company announced it would buy the Agama family of Russian Web properties, including top-rated Russian search engine Aport and leading online directory service @Rus, from Digital Holdings Corp.
Golden Telecom, a leading telecommunications and Internet services provider across Russia and member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Agama family of Russian Web properties, including Aport, Atrus ("@Rus") and Omen, from Digital Holdings Corp.
To date, NovaWiz has cemented partnerships with Pacific Internet Limited (NASDAQ: PCNTF), the Pacific Rim's leading ISP, Zing, the largest photo portal site on the Internet, Rembler and APort, the leading portals in Russia; Jubii A/S, the leading portal in Denmark and one of Europe's most visited web-portals; Walla, the leading portal in Israel; Monitor the leading portal in Croatia; Onyx the leading portal in Bulgaria; and Upgrade from India.