APOTAA Piece of the Action (band)
APOTAAvenging Penguins of the Apocalypse (gaming clan)
APOTAAutomatic Positioning Telemetering Antenna
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Talking to Online APOTA Chairman Mir Muhammad Yousuf Shehwani said that the government had approved 45 percent increase in the oil tankers' fares but the refinery factories have so far denied the payment.
Chairman APOTA said that unknown people tortured tankers driver at Chaman bypass in the presence of Police and FC who were silent spectator at the scene.
Central General Secretary of APOTA Sher Ali Afindi talking to media here Saturday stated that the ongoing strike has been staged against the mismanagement of KPT adding APOTA has decided to go on strike as KPT does not recognize our genuine demand regarding to allot parking area for the oil tankers.