APPFAsia Pacific Parliamentary Forum
APPFAustralian Prime Property Fund
APPFAdriatic Print and Photo Forum (international showcase)
APPFAutomobiles et Patrimoine du Pays de Fougères (French automobile heritage group)
APPFAssociation of Pretrial Professionals in Florida
APPFAir Pollution Prevention Forum (US EPA)
APPFAustralian Pork Producers Federation
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Patang said that the loyalty of APPF personnel was guaranteed by their tribal leaders and provincial council members and that there was no enemy infiltration within these forces.
The APPF currently has 30,000 personnel, and the number is expected to rise to 100,000 after 2014, when foreign troops complete their withdrawal from the war-torn country.
NATO has supported the move towards a public security force staffed by Afghans and has been helping to train the APPF personnel since 2010.
We see the demand for this issue and subsequent pricing as a strong endorsement for the APPF Retail strategy, and continue to view the capital markets as a viable source of funding.
Following the maturity of the Fund s successful 2009 issue, APPF Retail was keen to maintain a presence in the domestic MTN market which has been achieved by today s issue.
Hamidi said the APPF had told them they lacked weapons and equipment to maintain security for their vehicles.
He said the APPF had failed to provide security for logistics vehicles as agreed under a contract.
He also asked the ministry officials accompanying him to meet security challenges in Logar and provide all necessary support and equipment to the APPF.
According to a US government report released last month, the new force -- called the Afghan Public Protection Force, or APPF -- is short about 18,600 of the 25,000 guards needed to take over all the work currently performed by privately contracted guards.
The report concluded the APPF "is not on track to assume the responsibilities for security services" by the March 2012 target.
Agency for International Development, whose contractors depend on APPF for security, faulted some of the findings in the audit.
In 2011, when the APPF program began, the Afghan government raided private security companies, seizing millions of dollars' worth of armored vehicles and weapons.