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APPNAdvanced Peer-To-Peer Networking
APPNAdvanced Peer to Peer Networking
APPNAdvanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse
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Service Features APPN (SNA) NSP (DECnet) CO-byte vs.
Opponents of SNA and APPN may disagree, suggesting that they are both outdated legacy architectures whose days are numbered.
The work of the APPN involves mental health promotion, psychobiologic interventions, and psychotherapy.
1 extends the range of IBM computers supporting APPN to IBM System/390 mainframes.
Now, with APPN software in hand, Apple can become a star player in IBM's evolving SNA gameplan.
This product is the only integrated management solution available today designed to manage and diagnose problems spanning SNA sub-area, APPN, TCP/IP, IPX and Tivoli Enterprise architectures.
APPN capability on the router will let IBM SNA users route their LAN traffic independently of the front-end processor.
0 collects and monitors advanced Management Information Base (MIB) information in Cisco devices in addition to monitoring DLSw, APPN, and RSRB network traffic.
Advertising and recruitment of employees with hearing disabilities in cooperation with the Agency for APPN deaf, deaf organizations and labor offices.
And the -25S also serves as an APPN Network Node for SNA routing support.
The ICE solution enables Tandem Computer users to communicate and exchange data with mainframe systems over SNA, APPN and TCP/IP communication protocols.