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APPOAssembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (est. 2006; Mexico)
APPOAsamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca (Spanish: Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca)
APPOAssociation of Professional Police Officers (union)
APPOAssistance Program for Pet Owners
APPOAcademic Planning and Performance Office (University of Leeds; UK)
APPOAccounts Payable and Purchase Orders
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APPO and several Mexican and international human rights organizations fought to clear Martinez Moreno's name, even bringing the case to the Mexican courts.
Gilfoyle's recounting of Appo's life is especially effective because Appo himself never devolves into a caricature.
Warrington have been forced to temporarily deregister an overseas player to accommodate the arriving Andrew Johns, with Appo the unlucky odd one out.
This was a process orchestrated by the government of Ulises Ruiz, in which voters were bribed with food and other products," said APPO spokesman Castulo Lopez Martinez.
The Wolves were forced to sacrifice one of their three overseas players to accommodate the Newcastle Knights scrumhalf and the 31-year-old Appo has been chosen after picking up a shoulder injury.
WOLVES: (from) Grose, Fa'afili, Martin Gleeson, Kohe-Love, N Wood, Leikvoll, Clarke, Hilton, Swann, Wainwright, Noone, Mark Gleeson, Westwood, P Wood, Lima, Appo, Bridge, Riley.
WARRINGTON: Cardiff, Gaskell, Sibbit, Grose, Westwood, Appo, N Wood, Lima, Gleeson, Leikvoll, Noone, Wainwright, Forshaw.
More importantly, the youthful pickpocket activity of Appo, Caulfield, Lyons and undoubtedly others raises difficult and complicated questions about the impact and importance of this youth subculture.
John Wilshere (fractured cheekbone), Graham Appo (hamstring) and Chris Leikvoll (calf) also remain sidelined.
IG - Individual try stars (20pts per try & 20 pts if the player scores first try) Wigan v Warrington: 20-22 Dallas, 14-16 Hodgson, 12-14 Appo, 10-11.
Vincent Appo, Advisory Board Member, said that the resource will be in excess of 150,000 ounces, and it is expected to exceed that amount when the Company has the opportunity to undertake the proper geological assessment and evaluation.
The APPO is the umbrella organization formed to support members of the striking teachers union (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educacion, SNTE).