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APPROACHAlberta Provincial Project for Outcomes Assessment in Coronary Heart Disease (Canada)
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A general movement among the domestics, and a low sound of gentle voices, announced the approach of those whose presence alone was wanted to enable the cavalcade to move.
This causeway makes a sharp angle in its approach to the Burgh.
She looked up at my approach, her face lighting with pleasure and with welcome.
Perhaps," added I, "one can only approach it with a torpedo.
Oh, Beauchamp, Beauchamp, how shall I now approach mine?
While we keep away from such places, we should get the enemy to approach them; while we face them, we should let the enemy have them on his rear.
As for me," said Planchet, "I seem to smell, from this place, even, a most delectable perfume of fine roast meat, and to see the scullions in a row by the hedge, hailing our approach.
The approach of evening obliged them to give up the task, and to seek some camping ground for the night.
Could it have been thrown down by some solitary native, who, alarmed at seeing us, had hurried forward to carry the tidings of our approach to his countrymen?
Curiosity induced the females to approach this spot; but it was a different motive that led the youth thither.
The approach of Lisa, while it was regarded with uneasiness by Mr.
A secret desire for reconciliation was apparent in this gentle invitation which she gave him to approach her, and in the care which she took to call him by name.