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APPROXInternational Workshop on Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
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Drilling has been completed on the first hole at the Sirimu Prospect, located approx.
To-be-named community, Mundelein, sales begin summer 2006, approx.
During the last year, this prospect had sales of approx.
In the report period, the Group'sTotal Investment Property and investment property under construction grew by approx.
FFO attributed to real estate activity totaled approx.
7-inch diagonal D-ILA liquid crystal device, yet delivers full HD resolution at approx.
Net profit for shareholders totaled NIS 244 million, compared with approx.
approx 22 pcs sideboard element without acoustic function, with standing work table,
Net profit for shareholders totaled NIS 188 million, compared with approx.
Invitation to tender : Detailed Project Description Covering breaking 100m2 + 100m2 works Dismantling and disposal KSR PE100: works about 1200m1 Demolition Fences: approx 120m1 Topsoil removal: approx 700m3 Applying topsoil: approx 2000m3 Soil material removal: approx 800m3 Excavation U and V grooves: approx 1500m3 + 280m3 works Spriessung to 4.