APQAccordo di Programma Quadro
APQAssociation des Paraplégiques du Québec
APQAssociação Portuguesa para a Qualidade (Portuguese: Portuguese Association for Quality; est. 1969)
APQAssociation des Proprietaires du Quebec (French: Association of Owners of Quebec; Canada)
APQAssociation des Pathologistes du Québec
APQAsociacion de Proveedores de Quintana Roo (Spanish: Providers Association of Quintana Roo; Mexico)
APQArt Pepper Quartet (jazz group)
APQArmaments Planning Questionnaire
APQAdvanced Placement Question
APQAll People Quilt (Better Homes and Gardens)
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2001) further investigated the structure of the APQ and provided evidence for a two-factor model of beliefs about poverty.
Within this framework, the overall aim of this work was to study the psychometric properties of the Catalan versions of parents' and children's global report forms of the APQ in a community sample.
In order to see how do student/mentor teachers evaluate the aims of the FSP scheme they follow (first research question), mean ratings of student teachers and mentor teachers on the APQ is presented in Table 1.
2000; Ryan, Plant, & O'Malley, 1995), the majority of participants were male (68%), aged in their thirties, with mild to moderately severe AD (as assessed by the LDQ), and with multiple life problems arising from their alcohol use (as assessed by APQ and OCDS).
Camstar's eBook analyzes benchmarks from Solar and High Tech manufacturers that have adopted the APQ model, and conservatively applies them to the factors driving grid parity," said Karim Lokas, VP of Product Strategy for Camstar.
The APQ has been widely used to assess the behavior of parents of children with externalizing disorders.
An anonymous referee for APQ pointed out that my claim appears less convincing with regard to other imperfect duties, such as gratitude, which do divide naturally into my duties to benefactor [B.
2010, to be worth on APQ in funds for scientific and technological innovation in the Region of Campania - the act Supplementary - Statement RT02 - Determines to contract no.
Among all of them, only the APQ and EMBU take into account both the perception of children and parents.
Finanziamento 4 876 212 EUR finanziamento PAC MIT riprogrammazione interventi PON 2007-2013, 4 472 928,33 EUR APQ e 1 798 391,94 EUR Interporto Sud Europa (ISE) di Marcianise-Maddaloni.