APQCAmerican Productivity & Quality Center
APQCAIDS Project Quad Cities (est. 1986; Iowa)
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CSC's site visit was very informative," said Gerry Swift, APQC project manager.
Recognized for its organizational learning practices and outstanding customer value, APQC helps organizations effectively use and leverage knowledge management (KM) services, approaches, and tools to impact business results.
APQC is a nonprofit organization that identifies corporate best practices to discover effective methods of improvement.
Lincoln Financial has clearly made a commitment to talent management that is taken seriously at all levels of the organization," said Ruth Stevelman, Project Manager, APQC.
CSC was identified by APQC for excellence in knowledge management and invited to participate in the organization's 2011 best practices study entitled, "Engagement and Participation for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration.
APQC, a nonprofit research organization, brings industry-leading firms
The recent focus on ERM is not about possible business disruption, sexual harassment charges, pollution liability, or even accounting fraud," said Mary Driscoll, senior research director for APQC.
We are very excited to be recognized by APQC as a best-practice partner for the third year in a row," commented Kennametal Chief Technical Officer, Dr.
A benchmarking study sponsored by Parson Consulting, a leading financial-management consultancy and the APQC, an international non-profit research organization, finds that despite robust internal-control practices, many organizations are having difficulty keeping their ongoing compliance costs at a reasonable level.
These outstanding individuals have made such a difference passionately carrying the quality and process improvement tools and concepts into education and government," said Jack Grayson, founder and chairman of APQC and for whom the award is named.
This is a ground-breaking study that will employ APQC's award-winning benchmarking methodology with ASQ's leadership and dedication to the advancement of quality," said Travis Colton, project manager with APQC.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies that began forcing extended payment terms on suppliers in response to the 2008 financial crisis are still extending payment terms as a matter of policy and are creating significant and sometimes dire consequences for suppliers, according to a new survey from research firm APQC.