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APQCAIDS Project Quad Cities (est. 1986; Iowa)
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The organizations APQC studied use a variety of approaches to separate out knowledge that is broadly applicable across the organization, distribute it to the appropriate stakeholders and get those stakeholders to act on it to improve project outcomes.
A recent study conducted by the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) at the Center for Global Enterprise, in partnership with APQC, revealed that over one-third of supply chain professionals surveyed are either extremely or moderately unfamiliar with blockchain.
Over the last 30 years, APQC has helped hundreds of companies worldwide establish and grow KM practices.
APQC grouped organizations based on the degree to which they engage in each type of external collaboration.
The recent APQC survey indicates that many finance organizations have a long way to go.
In short, employees weren't following processes in place to manage content or the organizations had not defined sufficient ownership models for the tools and approaches," according to the study conducted by APQC, a member-based association and proponent of best practices and business research.
Under the contract DNV GL and APQC will manage the compilation, analysis and integration of research and data for the IMPACT study.
The deal will see DNV GL and APQC managing the compilation, studies and consolidation of research and data for IMPACT.
APQC Membership provides many benefits for Navy employees, who can now use the APQC Knowledge Base to help make innovative and well-informed business decisions using APQC benchmarks, best practices, case studies, white papers, tools, and templates.
This is the third time that APQC has received this honor.
Knowledge retention and transfer is not solely a retirement issue, APQC says, but one connected with the constant movement of people among different projects, as well as the replacement of departing employees with new ones.
APQC found significant differences between high and low performers in the AR function, including performance on the most important output of the process: getting cash in the bank.