APQRAnnual Product Quality Review
APQRAvanti Piano Quasi Retro (Italian: Forward Plan Almost Retro; animators)
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recall events * metric proposed (total and by class) * in Brookings meeting --product--and site- based metric Stability Failure rate * Invalidated (unconfirmed) OOS rate * Right first time (rework/reprocessing) rate * APQR reviews completed on time Recurring deviations rate CAPA effectiveness rate
Since m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]PQR, (because trapezium PQC'D' is a reflection of trapezium PQCD along the line segment PQ) and m[angle]DPQ = m[angle]RPQ (because alternate interior angles are congruent when a transversals intersects two parallel lines), APQR is an isosceles triangle with m[angle]PQR = m[angle]RPQ.