APRLAssociation of Professional Responsibility Lawyers
APRLAnimal Performance Research Labs
APRLAny-Path Routing without Loops
APRLAudio Pattern Recognition Language
APRLArmy Prosthetics Research Lab
APRLAFSCN Prioritized Requirements List
APRLAdvanced Projects Research Lab
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13 to Inefficiency (J) Parameter VC Comparisons APRL TRS Grip Size and Mass Width * (mm) 58 40 Thickness (mm) 33 25 Base Length (mm) 70 45 Tong Length from 100 91 Pivot Point (mm) Tong Opening (mm) 75 71 Mass (g) 243 278 Ergonomics Cable Excursion NA NA (VO mode) (mm) Cable Excursion 50.
According to APRL, less than a tenth of a percent of all restaurants in the U.
There is no level too low for this cruel industry to stoop to in trying to deceive consumers into believing force feeding is an acceptable practice," states APRL co-founder Bryan Pease, Esq.
foie gras producers and the several in France we have investigated, I have witnessed the same thing: sick, dying and dead ducks," states attorney Bryan Pease, executive director of APRL.
APRL helped pass a California law banning sale or production of foie gras starting in 2012, and five city councils have commended APRL for its work and encouraged restaurants to remove the item before the ban.
Animal cruelty investigations by APRL and a lawsuit filed by APRL and IDA led to enactment of Cal.
APRL manages Australia's two biggest share registers - those of Telstra Corp Ltd (ASX:TLS) and NRMA Insurance Group Ltd (ASX:NRMA).
To ensure that a ma huang product is safe and conforms to the APRL research and standards, Dr.
Based on research done at Harvard and APRL, the nation's research leader on ma huang and ephedrine, formulating a safe and effective ma huang/ephedrine product is possible.
TONIC-CAPS by Silver Sage carry the APRL Seal of Approval which assures safety and effectiveness.
All Silver Sage products carry the APRL Seal of Approval which guarantees safety and effectiveness.
One of the nation's leading research centers on herbal products is APRL (the American Phytotherapy Research Laboratory) in Salt Lake City, Utah, which reviews herbal compounds for safety and efficacy before granting a Seal of Approval.