APRMAfrican Peer Review Mechanism
APRMAutomatic Partition Resource Manager
APRMAverage Power Range Monitor (Nuclear Power)
APRMAnti-Plug Reversing Module
APRMAdvanced Planning and Risk Management
APRMAfrican Peer Review Commission
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110) Elsewhere, the APRM has been laudatorily described as 'Africa's premier home-grown governance and accountability tool,' (111) while others view it as the 'jewel in NEPAD's crown'.
In his address to APRM staff today, Dr Mayaki said that his main function will be to see how he can help and support the Secretariat in building management systems so that when the new CEO takes over in January 2015, they should have a something solid to support their capacities.
The two day public participation will ensure community involvement and engagement in the processes of the APRM and OGP, as well as build and strengthen partnership in support for the APRM and OGP and contribute towards improved service delivery through visits to Thusong Service Centres.
I am excited about this opportunity to work with the team at Crowell, especially the APRM Group that has a unique approach to advertising law and product risk management counseling under one umbrella.
Essa Al Jowder, the Office Managing Partner (OMP) of Ernst & Young Bahrain said "We are proud of the number of Bahrainis who are qualifying internationally recognised professional designations like ACCA, FIA, APRM and PGQ-CIMA today.
The UPR's structure varies significantly from both the APRM and OECD processes in that its information development component is not based on country visits by a team of experts.
Many of the continent's political elites regarded the APRM as a tool to make themselves attractive to donor partners, while donors tried to use it as a mechanism to discriminate between Africa's "good guys" and "bad guys.
The lofty dreams for Africa that arrived with Nepad and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) "are quickly fading away, it will be a miracle if unreviewed African states will ever bother with the APRM process," reflects journalist Jerry Okongu.
Commend the AU to offer leadership in uniting the African voice through the expedition of joint programmes including NEPAD and APRM.
One of the most notable achievements of the AU is the introduction of the APRM to promote good governance in Africa.