APSCOAsia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization
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To qualify for membership of APSCO, Zodeq had to pass a robust assessment process so their membership demonstrates the high standards of service they offer.
APSCO has a history of delivering world class customer service to the aftermarket and provides value through kitting and supply chain services.
APSCO, headquartered in Beijing, China, is an inter-governmental organization established in 2005 and dedicated to promote and strengthen the development of collaborative space programs among its Member States including Iran, Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey.
Previously a program manager at TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK's Advanced Technologies on Informatics and Information Security (ByLGEM) center until December 2013, Celal E[pounds sterling]nver was appointed secretary-general of APSCO on January 2014 for a term of five years.
APSCO's Hussein said that the strategic partnership with APSCO goes back to 19 years ago, within the general framework of the partnership between both global companies Caterpillar Equipment and Exxon-Mobil, which covers Saudi Arabia, the world's largest market for the products of both companies.
Iranian scientists have always taken part in APSCO meetings.
The Integra Group The Journal of Life Sciences The Tech Group Ticona Engineering Polymers Tolas Healthcare Packaging Toxikon Corporation TransPerf ect Translations TT APSCO Inc.
In the small-company category, ACC Electronix tied in the dependability/timely delivery category with APSCO Inc.
The agreement was signed by Mohammed Islam, marketing manager of APSCO, and Abdul Al-Shemasi, CEO of Specialized Systems for Exhibitions and Conventions (EXCS), organizer of the Luxury Motor Show, in a ceremony.
has extended its agreement for an additional five years with Honeywell Aerospace and Air Parts & Supply Company (known as APSCO, a VSE Aviation subsidiary), the company said.
The joint cooperation was passed by APSCO and it is underway; the project studying components in ionosphere layer in earth's space using satellites revolving around the earth; the layer components would catch earthquake waves before it happens, thus making its prediction a reality," Fazeli said.
APSCO is an important agency in facilitating our cooperation," Haliloglu said.