APSDAutomatic Power Save Delivery (IEEE)
APSDAerodynamic Particle Size Distribution
APSDAutomatic Power Shutdown (Lucent)
APSDAssociation of Property Scene Designers
APSDAcceleration Power Spectral Density (aerospace)
APSDArmor-Piercing, Sabot-Discarding (weapons)
APSDAreal Power Spectral Density (surface texture)
APSDAdvanced Power Semiconductor Device
APSDAutomated Professional Services Deliverables
APSDAutomated Professional Services Deliverables (Infrastructure Solutions)
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Reports are submitted through the Standard Atlantic Fisheries Information System; these reports are available to APSD upon submission.
De este modo, los datos obtenidos a traves del APSD reflejaron que el empleo de practicas basadas en el afecto ante las buenas conductas y el dialogo ante los malos comportamientos se relacionaba con menores niveles de dureza e insensibilidad emocional.
Examination of a large database of oral inhaled formulations currently on the market confirms that the ratio of CPM:FPM is a sensitive metric of shifts in APSD.
Secondly, both the mentors of the college students and tutors from the colleges filled out the APSD form (teachers'/ psychologists' version) for the volunteers (N = 40).
APSD: The APSD was devised in an attempt to assess the traits associated with psychopathy displayed in childhood/adolescence, and uses the PCL-R as a guide (Hare, 1991; 2003).
While VS-only users reported significantly higher levels of antisocial traits as measured by the APSD than NO/VS nonusers, their scores on the APSD did not significantly differ from those of NO+VS users.
Los resultados obtenidos en la comparacion de los grupos bajos y altos del rasgo D/Ie del APSD (tabla 2) muestran la presencia de diferencias significativas en todas las escalas del TRF (p<,01), pero no asi en las del CBCL, observandose de nuevo una mayor convergencia entre las puntuaciones de un mismo informante.
Asi, el 16 de febrero, una delegacion de ocho eurodiputados socialistas, encabezada por el presidente de la APSD, el aleman Martin Schultz, comenzo una visita de observacion de los derechos humanos en Colombia.
En Espana se han adaptado las versiones PCL-R (Molto, Poy y Torrubia, 2000), PCL-SV, PCL-YV y APSD principalmente por los grupos dirigidos por los profesores Torrubia y Molto y por el profesor Garrido.
The local APSD is more significant as it coincide with the Youth Month, which is commemorated in June, and provide South Africans with an opportunity to take stock of the strides made in addressing issues facing the youth.
This years APSD commemoration will be held Kigali Convention Centre from Wednesday, June 21- June 23 under the theme entrenching a citizen-centred service delivery culture: partnering with the youth for Africas transformation.