APSEAAtlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (Canada)
APSEAAssociation of Professional Societies in East Africa (est. 1961)
APSEAAsian Pacific State Employees Association (California)
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On the occasion Khawaja Arif Qasim chairman POEC, Tanveer Ahmed Sufi chairman PSMA, Basheer jan Muhammad, Mian Muhammad Hanif Chairman PEORA, Tariqullah Sufi Chairman APSEA, Atif Rasheed, MIan Azhar, Najaf Mirza acting chairman PQ, Dr James Fry Chairman LMC international UK, Ms Emily French Managing Director ConsiliAgra United State and others also spoke the conference.
Geoimage, a privately owned Australian company and a supplier of satellite imagery, image processing and geospatial services, announced on Thursday that it has won an APSEA Service Excellence Award
The company said that it received the APSEA Service Excellence Award at the gala dinner hosted by APSEA and SIBA (Spatial Industries Business Association) at Parliament House, Canberra.
He also assured full cooperation to APSEA in this regard.
In testing each hypothesis, we ran the analyses twice, first with all the participants included and a second time excluding the 28 participants who were recruited opportunistically from WRMS and APSEA.
However, this difference approached significance only when the youths who were recruited from WRMS and APSEA were removed from the analyses.