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APSLApple Public Source License
APSLAmerican Professional Soccer League
APSLAustralian Pensioners and Superannuants League, Qld. Inc. (est. 1945; Queensland, Australia)
APSLAcadia Partners for Science and Learning (Acadia National Park; Winter Harbor, ME)
APSLArmy Primary Standards Lab
APSLAmerican Philosophical Society Library (Philadelphia, PA)
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Dyna Torque/Numax, DMI International, APSL, AMPS and L3 Tigal Engineering Services Ltd.
Because of the time it takes to process, prepare, and ship samples to the APSL and the lab's resulting workload, routine sample test results are usually not available until several months after JMC initiates the stability test.
In a number of cases, especially for small arms cartridges, the loaded propellant lot is not represented in the master sample program at APSL.
Once a demilitarization job begins, there may not be time to prepare and ship a sample to the APSL and wait for the test result to know if unsafe material is being retained.
Propellants that test at or below the cutoff levels will be either demilitarized or sent to the APSL for a HPLC test.
I played in the APSL for years and never thought I'd see 40,000 people for an American soccer game,'' said Fraser.
Perens also expressed concern that the APSL contains a termination clause.
Dir loaded up on players he had as coach of Colorado Foxes of APSL.
The three also worry about a section of the APSL that requires anyone who produces modifications to APSL-licensed code to notify Apple of the changes.