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APSOAgency for Personal Service Overseas
APSOAssociation of Personnel Service Organisations (est. 1977; South Africa)
APSOAsylum Pre-Screening Officer (US DHS)
APSOAppalachian People's Service Organization
APSOAudio Precision System One (audio signal measurement device)
APSOAdaptive Particle Swarm Optimization
APSOAntwerpse Post Sport Olympia (Dutch: Antwerp Olympic Sport Post; sports blog; Belgium)
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From the aforementioned algorithm of APSO and the updating rules, it can be seen that APSO is very simple in concept and easy in realization.
The APSO identification approach proposed in this study is an effective structured identification method.
Therefore, in the proposed method; in each iteration, half of the initial population of the APSO algorithm is chosen randomly and the rest is chosen from the best individuals in previous iterations.
In this section, a ball on plate setup is simulated in MATLAB [R] to illustrate the performance of the proposed APSO identification approach applied to electromechanical system parameter identification.
These different balls used in the experiment and the rolling resistance coefficients identified with proposed APSO algorithm, are listed in Table 3.
2]) do not track the plant outputs; however, with using the APSO identifier to identify the unknown parameter; the effective tracking of ([E.
Announcing the decision to axe the two-year long stays, APSO chief executive Paul Beggan said: "The needs of the developing world have been changing in recent years and we are trying to respond to that.
A spokesman for APSO in Dublin said last night she was an "extraordinary person" who had dedicated her life to help poorer nations.
Hillary Bullock, a childhood friend, told how Daphne was excited about her the job with APSO and was looking forward to helping out in Uganda.
They are both lhasa apsos and live with Natalie and Billy in the centre of Glasgow.
Lhasa Apsos were bred in Tibet as companions for Buddhist monks.