APSRAustralian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (Scholarly Technology Services; Australian National University; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
APSRAmerican Political Science Review
APSRAsia Pacific Society of Respirology (Tokyo, Japan)
APSRAlabama Para Spiritual Research
APSRAxial Power Shaping Rod
APSRAssociation of Professionals for Spousal Re-Unification
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APSR, AJPS, and JOP might not be a representative sample of what constitutes political science research.
Although the task of bringing all this property to record in PBUSE or DPAS seems to be straight forward, there are two choke points: first, cataloging hundreds of thousands of nonstandard line item numbers and management control numbers from the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program and, second, the resources it takes to enter equipment into the APSR.
Looking at several postseason pricing structures, APSR has been set as follows:
This statement suggests that the formation of multidisciplinary teams including medical APSR Most Central American countries adopted the aforementioned health model, whose practice does not occur even in Honduras is essential.
To demonstrate the nature of the inconsistency in capitalization during the 1970s and 1980s, Table 2 presents a sampling of entries from the APSR and Presidential Studies Quarterly, perhaps the most likely outlets for presidential research.
The 2010 APSR award recipients are Elizabeth Levy Paluck (Princeton University) and Donald P.
In 1955 another APSR piece, "Planning the President's Program," was published.