APSRAustralian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories (Scholarly Technology Services; Australian National University; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
APSRAmerican Political Science Review
APSRAsia Pacific Society of Respirology (Tokyo, Japan)
APSRAlabama Para Spiritual Research
APSRAxial Power Shaping Rod
APSRAssociation of Professionals for Spousal Re-Unification
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tex--for the version eventually sent to the APSR six years after you presented it at APSA.
1970) counted 247 articles in IO, and 16 in APSR from 1950 to 1969 whose main topic was an investigation of some aspect of the UN.
APSR, AJPS, and JOP might not be a representative sample of what constitutes political science research.
Although the task of bringing all this property to record in PBUSE or DPAS seems to be straight forward, there are two choke points: first, cataloging hundreds of thousands of nonstandard line item numbers and management control numbers from the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program and, second, the resources it takes to enter equipment into the APSR.
option=com_content&view=article&id=3081:mlb-average-postseason-revenue-over-the-last-decade&catid=26:editorials&Itemid=39), which uses a metric called Average Postseason Revenue, or APSR for short.
12) Este documento y los que siguen se encuentran en el APSR, Caja 91, no.
A mediados de 1926, el Partido Laborista Mexicano (en adelante, PLM) era el que proyectaba una imagen de mayor poder frente al resto de las agrupaciones politicas, sin embargo, en esa coyuntura electoral particular, vio opacada su influencia por la de la APSR.
The APSR is a 23-item scale that was designed to assess adaptive and maladaptive components of perfectionism.
1), editor Lee Sigelman, professor of political science and Columbian Professor at George Washington University, makes explicit what is obvious to any APSR reader, that "any real coherence in political science exists only at the broadest conceptual level.
Among the findings are that ACF program instructions for both the CFSP and the APSR lacked detail and clarity as to what should be included in them.
Responding to my editor's notes in the last issue, one reader asked, "Do you have any statistics (or approximate idea) about what proportion of the 2,000 scholars who have reviewed for the APSR are drawn from outside the United States or Canada?
Why is purchase of the APSR made mandatory for membership, thus subsidizing a journal many find unsatisfactory, instead of permitting membership without the journal or with other journals?