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APSSAssociated Professional Sleep Societies
APSSAnimal Product Safety Service (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
APSSAirline Passengers for Safer Skies
APSSAristo Parcel Shipping System
APSSAssociate Professional Soil Scientist
APSSAustrian Payment System Services GmbH (Vienna, Austria)
APSSAutomatic Protection Switching System
APSSAviation Preservation Society of Scotland
APSSAvant-Projet Sommaire Simplifié (French: Simplified Preliminary Draft Summary)
APSSAmerican Polled Shorthorn Society
APSSAutomated Procurement System Software
APSSAutomated Program Status System
APSSAmerican Physiological Sleep Society
APSSAcademic Programs and Student Services (various schools)
APSSAvaya Professional Sales Specialist
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Dr Davies APSS announcement targets food and beverage value addition and processing (including black-owned winemakers), feed production, fertiliser production, fibre production and furniture.
Taking the temporal nature of antimicrobial prescribing into account, APSS uses a supervised learning algorithm for discovering rules that classify temporal sequences.
Speaking on the workshop, Nehul Goradia, VP -- Channel and Alliances at Optimus Technology and Telecommunications said, "As part of our Optimus Academy initiative, we once again organised an intensive APSS training workshop for our channel partners.
The participants were trained by experts on Avaya's product range, sales, design and support and received the APSS certification.
The study involving 21 healthy volunteers aged 18-40 years was presented on June 21, 2006 at APSS (Associated Professional Sleep Societies) in Salt Lake City, USA.
Acquisition reform and DCMA's identification of special emphasis areas have provided us with additional opportunities to support the DoD acquisition community in the APSS arena.
DPG also had less pronounced deleterious effects on whiteness and elongation than the APSS accelerator (tables 4 and 5).
APSS Poster Presentation # 198; Improvement in Sleep Maintenance and Early Morning Awakenings in Adult and Elderly Patients with Insomnia Treated with Doxepin 3 and 6 mg
Implementing agency : Agenzia Provinciale per gli Appalti e Contratti Servizio Procedure di gara in ambito sanitario APSS
APSS then conducts a benefits investigation for the patient, and communicates with the patient about insurance coverage for AMPYRA.
The washable, non-drying formulation of Ten 20 Conductive paste makes cleaning up easy and quick For more information call Faith Medical Inc @ 800-600-1390 or visit us at one of our up coming conferences: FOCUS or APSS Circle Action Card # 75
The data presented at the APSS meeting are a subset of the data from Somaxon's completed Phase 3 clinical development program, which comprised four Phase 3 clinical trials evaluating SILENOR[TM], a low-dose formulation of doxepin (1mg, 3mg and 6mg) for the treatment of insomnia.