APTESAdvanced Protective Technology for Engineering Structures (Australia)
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However, there is no significant effect from the addition of APTES.
The above phenomenon of ENR-CNT-APTES can be explained by the pre-cross-linking reaction between ENR and APTES molecules.
Table 5 shows that PVA modified wood flour/PP composite swelling increased 3% and water absorption up to 10% more than APTES modified wood flour/PP composites.
Best results were obtained with APTES modified wood flour fraction I composites, 1.
Table 7 gives the properties of the three compounds containing the mixed APTES + TESPD silane system.
Comparison of the single mix with the "Y" mix for the 50/50 blend with 100% APTES (compounds 394 and 398 in table 3) shows that the single mix gives reasonable properties, but not as good as the "Y" mix.
TGA results of graphene, GO, and modified nanoplatelets with APTES and BiBB with different graft densities are shown in Fig.
GO was modified by different amounts of APTES and then BiBB from the hydroxyl groups.
The interaction of APTES with silica and BIIR is complex.
Abrasion resistance as measured by DIN was used to optimize the silica (40-80 phr), APTES (4-12 phr) and sulfur (0.
Except for the peaks corresponding to the butylene succinate (BS) and ethyleneoxide (EO) units of PBSG chains, the characteristic peaks of APTES covalently bonded with MWCNTs were also observed.
NOMENCLATURE AFM Atomic force microscopy APTES 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane BS Butylene succinate CNT Carbon nanotube DCC N, N'-dicyclohexvlcarbodiimide DSC Differential scanning calorimetry E0 EthvIeneoxide MWCNT Multiwalled carbon nanotube NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance PBS Poly(butytene succinate) PBSG Poly(butylene succinate-co-ethylene glycol) POM Polarizing ontical microscope TEM Transmission electron microscopy TGA Thennogravimetric analysis WAXD Wide-angle X-ray diffraction patterns